CASE STUDY - Concrete Removal & Replacement in an Industrial Manufacturing Facility

 A foundry company in southern Illinois was preparing to install new heavy equipment in their existing factory.  We were asked to remove approximately 4500 square feet of concrete and replace with new concrete to form a solid foundation for their new machinery.

Main Scope & Process

  • Layout new foundation area. 91.5' x 47.5'
  • Saw cut perimeter of the area via wet cutting process. Shop vac up water and slurries.
  • Remove, haul and dispose of existing concrete floor. Over excavate the area to -2' below finished floor. Remove, haul and dispose of spoils.
  • Install and vibratory compact 6" of CA-6 Stone.
  • Supply and install #5 rebar at 8" O.C. E.W. 2" from bottom and 2" from top of slab.
  • Install 1/2" expansion joint with removable cap.
  • Install 5/8" smooth dowels at 12" o.c. around perimeter.
  • Supply, vibrate, screed and finish 5,000psi concrete.
  • Concrete was finished power trowel smooth.
  • Complete project cleanup was included.
  • We supplied a flagman/spotter with all vehicles.


  • Full scope completed & turned back over for customer use within 2 weeks.
  • Work was performed during first shift work hours.
  • Our customer’s normal production & workflow was not interrupted.
  • New machine foundation will last for years to come under heavy use.

Very grateful for squeezing me into your busy schedule. Work got done and looks great.

—Industrial property manager

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