CASE STUDY - Power Trowel Concrete Polishing

A healthcare packaging solutions company were moving into a new large facility in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and contacted Redimere Surface Solutions to give their floors a much-needed upgrade.  Since the space was empty, we recommended our power trowel concrete polishing service which is perfect for large, open spaces.

Main Scope & Process

Grind, Hone and Polish 120,000ft² of Existing Concrete Warehouse Floor

 Aggregate Exposure Class B – Fine / Sand Aggregate Finish: Remove not more than 1/16 inch of concrete surface by grinding and polishing resulting in majority of exposure displaying fine aggregate with no, or small amount of, medium aggregate at random locations.**Aggregate exposure was determined by the amount of grinding required in the rehabilitation/grinding process.

Finished Gloss Level 2 – Medium Gloss Appearance:

Procedure: 7 step process with full refinement of each diamond tool with one application of densifier.

Gloss Measurement: Determine the specular gloss by incorporating the following:

    1.) Reflective Clarity Reading: Not less than 35 on average according to ASTM D5767 prior to the application of sealers.

    2.). Reflective Sheen Reading: Not less than 20 on average according to ASTM D523 prior to the application of sealers.

Included One coat of Polished Concrete Guard Coat and up to 200' of crack repair.


  • Floor finished at 3000 grit for great shine & durability
  • Averaged 10,000 to 14,000 square feet per day fully polished
  • Was able to turn the facility back over to our client in 13 days
  • We also painted the walls & columns to give the space a complete face-lift

Very grateful for squeezing me into your busy schedule. Work got done and looks great.

—Industrial property manager

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