Commercial & Industrial Interior Services

Redimere Surface Solutions is your one-stop-shop for many of your maintenance needs.  Besides concrete work of all types including floors, driveways, roofs, & machine foundations, we also provide high quality interior painting and industrial cleaning services to our commercial & industrial clients. 

Office Painting

We know the common areas of your facility get a lot of traffic & can start to look a little dilapidated over time.  The professionals at Redimere Surface Solutions can rejuvenate your offices, lobbies, breakrooms, and other high-traffic areas with a fresh coat of scuff resistant paint on the walls.  This revolutionary product will keep these sections looking new for a long time, without showing the scrape & scratches that traditional paints can’t hide from people & products rubbing against them.

Machinery Cleaning & Painting

In your industrial factories or manufacturing plants, your machinery is a big investment.  Why not keep them clean & in good working order?  Redimere offers industrial cleaning and painting for machinery, equipment, racking, and all other sorts of apparatus throughout your facility.  Our electrostatic painting methods can restore your run-down metal surfaces with a new factory-like finish, which can expose hydraulic leaks that can go unnoticed on dirty/oily equipment & machinery.

Warehouse Ceiling Cleaning & Painting

Ceilings in warehouses & manufacturing facilities can hide a lot of dirt, dust, & grime that pose potential safety and health risks.  Your employees & visitors breathe in the fine particulates that accumulate over time and can lead to health problems.  The dirt & dust on ceiling trusses can also darken your work areas, resulting in safety hazards due to low light.  Redimere’s ceiling cleaning & painting services will reinvigorate your workforce by brightening the areas they work in 8-10-12 hours a day.  And the dryfall coatings we use when painting ceilings actually turns to dust by the time it reaches the floor below, making for quick & easy clean up.

Redimere Surface Solutions offers a wide array of painting & industrial cleaning services that truly do make us your one-stop-shop for many of your maintenance needs.  Browse our website & contact us with any questions – we are here to help! 

Extremely professional and friendly. Class act across the board. Nicely done!!!

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