Installation of Machine Pits and Foundations

Installation of Machine Pits and Foundations done by Redimere Surface Solutions

You might think that the excessive foot traffic and forklifts would pose the greatest risk to the concrete flooring in your industrial facility. And, you would be partially correct; spaces with continuous traffic do experience a quicker rate of deterioration.

In reality, however, the vibration created by the operation of heavy machinery and equipment poses the greatest risk to the integrity of your concrete floors

Inspect the Foundations Under Your Industrial Equipment

Routine inspections are essential, since cracks and spalls can develop quickly. It is essential to identify and repair any deteriorated points early to protect yourself from larger-scale repairs. Once the concrete starts to fail, the surrounding areas will quickly follow suit.

Installing Machine Pit

Not only do we help you maintain and inspect your existing concrete, but we also offer complete machine pit installation services, which when adding on to your production area, is too often overlooked. This is a handy way for you to provide access for maintenance personnel.

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