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Concrete floor repair Redimere Surface Solutions

Having your floors in optimal condition should be at the top of your maintenance priority list.  Industrial facilities really put concrete floors through a myriad of tests – heavy machinery & equipment, forklift traffic, and finished goods can all play a part in the deterioration of your floors.  These factors can accelerate small cracks & spalls turning into large ones in a hurry – making your floors unsafe for your employees.

The longer your damaged floor goes without repair, the more unsafe it becomes.  Redimere’s concrete professionals use repair processes that have proved extremely effective over the years.  First, we thoroughly clean out the crack, providing a superior surface for the repair bonding agents to adhere to.  Then, we use only the highest quality products to our vendors specifications, which allows us to provide warranties above the industry standards.  As an added layer of protection, we can coat your floors with a clear coat sealer or an epoxy coating, providing further stability to your concrete surfaces.

Redimere Surface Solutions concrete resurfacing professionals have the experience & product knowledge to bring your floors back to life before letting them get to the point of full replacement.  Keeping moisture & debris out of cracked floors will stop cracks & spalls from getting worse. 

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Very professional, timely, cordial and polite! Additionally, I am very happy with the cleaning and the results. It makes such a big difference in the overall appearance of the warehouse and the building. Thank you! Well worth it.

—Industrial facility manager

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