Pedestrian Walkways & Aisleways in Warehouses and Manufacturing Plants

Safety first!  You’ve probably heard that phrase a million times – so much so that it may have lost it’s meaning by now.  So why not make it easy for your employees & visitors to be safe by having Redimere Surface Solutions install pedestrian walkways & aisleways that outline the areas that they should walk in when going through your plant or warehouse?  With constant forklift traffic whizzing up and down aisles & between racking, storage bins, & shipping/receiving areas, having designated lanes for pedestrians and forklifts goes a long way towards preventing injury.  And they make your facility intrinsically safe so your workforce doesn’t even have to think about it.

Redimere Surface Solutions’ skilled flooring professionals are at the ready to assist you with installing epoxy aisleways, line striping, forklift lanes, and floor markings to help direct traffic (pedestrian & forklift), identify where materials can be stored, and indicate areas for fire extinguishing equipment.  Not only will your facility be safer, it will also look much nicer & more organized. For decades we have been helping companies with these type of projects so we are well-versed in how to accomplish these tasks with minimal disruption to your every day work flow.  We offer weekend, off-hours, & plant shutdown services as well for those instances where an aisleway or walkway can’t be installed due to your busy production schedule.

If you are going through or have been through the certification process for ISO 9001, 6 Sigma, or Lean Manufacturing, then you are probably aware that a big component is identifiers for equipment, inventory, raw materials, and foot & forklift traffic.  Redimere can install long lasting floor coatings that will help you achieve certification and pass audits.  We properly prepare every floor project by first repairing all cracks & spalls, then grinding the concrete to create an effective profile for the epoxy coatings to really grab onto – this adds to the longevity of the coating system you choose.

very respectful throughout the week. We are very impressed with their work.

—Chemical manufacturing plant manager

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