Dust Cleaning

When the dust settles, K-Clean USA is there to clean it up!  Dust and fine particulates find their way into every crack, crevice, nook, & cranny you can imagine.  That’s where we come in with our specialized equipment and training to rid your facility of harmful dust.

Dust can become highly combustible, posing a safety concern for your employees.  K-Clean USA is your source to alleviate these safety concerns by signing up for one of our preventative maintenance cleaning programs.  Our trained specialists can come in on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis and thoroughly clean your facility (including bins & silos) from top to bottom, collecting and properly disposing of hazardous dust.

Whether cleaning grain & feed facilities or heavy manufacturing plants, K-Clean USA employs techniques ranging from high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuuming to confined space clean up. K-Clean USA’s Confined Space Certification allows us to operate safely and effectively in these small areas. We can continue to provide our high standard of cleaning services when we are working inside of bins, tanks, silos or any other confined space.

On time. Professional and did a great job

—Facility maintenance company