Machinery & Assembly Line Cleaning

K-Clean USA’s industrial cleaning professionals can bring new life to old machinery by getting into those greasy, dirty places you don’t normally see. We use specialty products that will penetrate layers of grime without damaging your expensive equipment.

By keeping your machinery and assembly lines clean, you will be able to easily notice any hydraulic leaks or potential hazards that could shorten the life of your equipment, not to mention jeopardize the safety of your employees.

K-Clean USA’s preventative maintenance cleaning cycles are a great way to maximize your investment in your machinery. Whether it is weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly – our trained crews will come in on a regular basis and transform your workplace into what it once was – shiny and new!

We know cleaning and maintaining machinery is hard to do when they are always in use. That is why K-Clean USA offers to work over nights, weekends and holidays to minimize any disruption to your work flow.

Extremely professional and friendly. Class act across the board. Nicely done!!!

—Global distribution company

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