Sponge Blasting

One of the most innovating and versatile methods of commercial cleaning, Sponge Blasting can be used in a wide variety of applications. Whether you need to remove grease and oil from sensitive machinery and appliances or strip heavy rust off a metal bin, Sponge Blasting is an option for all kinds of stripping and cleaning operations.


Commercial and industrial painting contractors alike use sponge blasting for a myriad of situations, including:

  • elastomeric coatings removal
  • heavy industrial/commercial coatings removal
  • surface preparation
  • light coatings removal
  • soft-metal cleaning
  • cleaning tile or masonry
  • fiberglass cleaning
  • graffiti removal
  • grease & oil removal
  • smoke & soot removal


Sponge blasting uses a water-based polyurethane particle with microscopic abrasives. Shot at high pressure, the particles flatten against the surface, bond to the coating or contaminant, and rebound off, removing the unwanted substance. Formulated in a variety of styles to achieve specific results, this blasting media:

  • cleans dry
  • is low-dust
  • is low-rebound
  • is reusable
  • can be used near operating machinery
  • creates no slurry or waste
  • can etch steel leaving a 4 mil profile OR
  • clean soft metals without leaving a mark

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