Another Great Power Trowel Concrete Polishing Project - This Time in Texas

Friday, December 21, 2018

Concrete polishing has been around for a while, but the traditional way of polishing concrete has been found to be very labor intensive & time consuming.  Redimere Surface Solutions is on the leading edge of a revolutionary concrete polishing process – power trowel concrete polishing .  We are able to quickly transform ordinary concrete floors by retro-fitting our power trowel finishing machines with diamond grinding pads & polish large, open spaces of concrete in the fraction of the time it would take using the traditional dry-grinding method.

We were contacted by a property management firm in the Chicago area about a large commercial warehouse space they had recently acquired in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.  Redimere teamed up with our sister office in Grand Prairie, TX and got to work on figuring out manpower, scheduling and equipment to fulfill our client’s time requirements.  This type of inter-office communication is a big part of what allows the Painters USA family of companies to efficiently tackle nationwide projects.

Our crews got to work grinding & honing this large warehouse floor with the following steps:

50 Grit Diamond

100 Grit Diamond

200 Grit Diamond

Densify with Prosecco Consolideck LS Densifier

400 Grit Diamond

800 Grit Diamond

3000 Grit Diamond impregnated burnishing pad

Apply one coat of LS Guard

Finish the process with a final burnish

Edges Included in

Cream Finish: Polish Portland cement paste resulting in little or no aggregate exposure.

Finished Gloss Level 3

High Gloss Appearance:

Procedure: Recommended not less than 4 steps with full refinement of each diamond tool with one application of densifier. Gloss Measurement: Determine the specular gloss by incorporating the following:

1.) Reflective Clarity Reading: Not less than 65 according to ASTM D5767 prior to the application of sealers.

2.) Reflective Sheen Reading: Not less than 35 according to ASTM D523 prior to the application of sealers

As you can see in the pictures, the team at Redimere Surface Solutions produced another quality power trowel concrete polished floor & satisfied another customer!