Concrete Repair & Urethane Cement Flooring in a Truck Wash Bay

Thursday, March 28, 2019

We were fortunate enough to recently complete a project at the nation’s largest food industry redistributor.  Their truck wash bays had deteriorated over the years due to the detergents being used & the floors constantly being wet. 

After supplying our customer with a number of options, they went with our recommendation of a urethane cement coating.  Urethane cement is thermal shock resisitant which means it can withstand rapid and extreme temperature changes - like when a cold floor is hit with hot water.  These extreme changes cause the coating to expand or contract at a different rate from the floor underneath, resulting in cracks, bubbling, peeling or delamination.

We got to work repairing the imperfections in the floor by filling in cracks & spalls with a slurry that will hold up under the heavy use of the wash bay area.  After the slurry cured, we broke out our walk behind floor grinding machines outfitted with diamond pads and vacuums to minimize the dust.  We then applied the FasTop 12SL Self Leveling Urethane Cement system complete with an aggregate to produce and anti slip surface.  With the area constantly being wet, an anti slip floor had to be a part of the plan.

As you can see in the pictures, the truck wash bay was transformed from a worn out looking area to a new & functional place.