How Proper Subfloor Drainage Improves the Quality and Durability of Your Concrete Flooring

Thursday, November 14, 2019

There’s a reason concrete floors are so commonplace in commercial and industrial facilities. Concrete is incredibly sturdy and durable, able to withstand massive amounts of pressure and activity. That said, no concrete floor is immune to damage. Notably, falling objects and excess pressure can cause your floors to crack and warp over time. But perhaps the most harmful actor often lurks beneath your floor and may go unseen and unnoticed for some time: moisture. And without a proper subfloor drainage system in place, your concrete floors can begin to deteriorate, leading to further complications. 

Let’s go over how proper subfloor drainage improves the quality and durability of your commercial concrete flooring.

Reduce Spalling, Fracturing, and Staining

How do you know if moisture is building up underneath your retail, manufacturing, or warehouse concrete floor? Look for spalling, staining, and/or fracturing on the surface. With improper subfloor drainage, water will stick around underneath your floor and eventually try to escape via evaporation. This water vapor will cling to the surface underneath your floor and eventually lead to various visible forms of damage on top. Proper subfloor drainage will keep moisture away from your floors, whether it seeped in from the ground or fell through the cracks after a spill or washdown, preventing spalling, staining, etc.

More Effective Cleaning

Maintaining the quality and life of your concrete floors largely depends on proper maintenance, which includes regular cleaning. But with poor floor drainage, the water used to clean your floors can actually do damage over time. As mentioned above, the moisture produced from floor cleaning services can seep into the floor and stay there underneath the surface. Water may be necessary to clean your floors, but it’s meant to quickly dry up above your floor, not sink into it. With a high-quality drainage system in place, you can have your floors properly and more efficiently cleaned without risking moisture buildup.

Safer for Workers and Customers

Safety is essential for any successful operation. Both workers and guests must be safe whenever they’re inside your facility, and drainage plays a big role in this endeavor. Poor concrete floor drainage can lead to wet spots, pits, and uneven floors, creating a tripping hazard for anyone walking on them. Therefore, good drainage isn’t just essential for maintaining quality floors, but also for maintaining a safe, reputable business.

When your concrete floors undergo enough damage, you may consider investing in concrete floor resurfacing. However, if you have an underlying moisture problem, it’s important to address this before you move forward. Otherwise, your resurfacing job won’t be as effective, nor will it last as long. 

Painters USA has the resources and experience to install a new, proper subfloor drainage system beneath your concrete floors. This way, your floors will look great and stay strong for as long as possible. Best of all, you can rest assured that your employees and customers will have a smooth, safe surface to walk on. To learn more about our company, our values, safety protocols, and all the services we offer, contact us at 1-800-999-8715.