Industrial Floor Polisher - Three Signs It’s Time to Consider a Power Trowel

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

You’ve decided that you would like to have a concrete floor polished as part of your current project. For a variety of applications, polished concrete looks great and offers performance benefits. In recent years, deciding on a polished concrete floor would mean committing to a relatively time consuming process and a rather high cost associated with the work. Times have changed, however, and the power trowel is changing the game in a meaningful way. With the power trowel available to create a polished concrete floor in many cases, you can get over some of the hurdles that would have existed with traditional methods. So, how do you know when the time is right to opt for a power trowel as an industrial floor polisher? Let’s take a look.

#1 – You Have a Large Space to Polish

One of the notable advantages of turning to a power trowel for concrete polishing is the ability to polish a large space in a relatively short period of time. It might not be necessary to put this tool into action on small spaces since the time commitment for a smaller job isn’t going to be overwhelming, anyway. In fact, for some small jobs, you may not be able to access the space with the equipment necessary to do the work. However, a power trowel makes a lot of sense for a big job. This is where using this kind of machinery really comes into its own and offers significant benefits to the contractor. As the number of square feet on a given project moves up into the tens of thousands and beyond, a power trowel is likely to be a good fit.

#2 – Easy Clean Up

When considering the time frame for any kind of job, it’s always important to think about the clean-up. In this case, the work isn’t done when the floor is polished. Rather, it’s done after the floor is polished and the mess is cleaned up properly. Fortunately, thanks to the wet grinding technique, cleaning up is relatively quick and easy. This type of polishing does not produce a lot of dust, which is a big reason why the floor and surrounding areas can be cleaned up so efficiently.

#3 – Cost is an Issue

Okay—so you probably don’t have to think much about this last point because cost is always an issue. No one ever wants to spend more than necessary to finish a job properly. This is yet another reason why using a power trowel to polish concrete is an attractive choice for industrial flooring solutions. With the efficiency of the process and the limited manpower required, this is a cost-effective plan which also gets the job done right the first time. Redimere Surface Solutions would be proud to handle your upcoming industrial flooring project. With locations in four major markets—Houston, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Chicago, and Danville—we are ready to get to work for you. Contact us today to get started!