Large Scale Concrete Project in North Central Illinois

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

In our business, it is imperative to treat every single project with the utmost care & detail so that when the big ones come along, Redimere is at the top of the list for our past customers. 

Such was this case in point:  one of our long-time past customers - an industrial general contractor out of Iowa - had won a big job with one of the world’s largest grain suppliers for a new construction project in northern Illinois.  It is to be their largest milling facility in North America when completed.

Redimere’s portion of the contract includes the pouring & finishing of 8 floors in a 9-story milling facility.  The first-floor slab & foundation was being handled by another contractor.  As you can imagine, a project of this scope required tedious coordination with other trades as well as the GC to make the entire operation run safely and smoothly.  Planning meetings were held with the general contractor’s on-site superintendent, Redimere’s field operations supervisor, our concrete supplier & pumping contractor, as well as the safety directors from both Redimere & our client.

It was Redimere’s job to place, vibrate, screed, and finish the concrete on the 2nd thru 9th floor of the mill which came to approximately 111,177 square feet.  That’s a lot of concrete!  To accomplish our task, we sent a crew of 18 employees out and got to work.  The project is ongoing, but we have made great progress and are right on schedule.  The next phase of the project will be to polish the concrete using our highly cost-effective process of power trowel concrete polishing.

As you may or may not know, Redimere Surface Solutions is part of the Painters USA family of companies.  Industrial general contractors love working with us because our companies can handle many facets of their project which simplifies their vendor management.  This project is no exception – our painting division will be taking on the coatings portion of the job, which includes the liners in their concrete silos among many other things.