Manufacturing Plants Utilize Redimere’s Services for Lean Manufacturing Initiatives

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Is your manufacturing facility planning on implementing a lean manufacturing program this year?  Whether you are taking steps towards achieving 6S or ISO 9001 certifications (or any other type of manufacturing process flow revamping) Redimere Surface Solutions has the experience and expertise to help you achieve certain aspects of those certifications.  Specifically, the cleaning and identifier portions of the programs.

For years, Redimere Surface Solutions has been counted on to:

Those are just a few of the services we offer in regards to lean manufacturing initiatives.  We can also:

If your company has already undergone the major transition to a Six Sigma (6S), ISO 9001 Certified, or Lean Manufacturing facility, Redimere Surface Solutions can help you stay in compliance with those stringent certification guidelines you worked so hard to achieve by refreshing your pedestrian walkways or worn-down line striping.  Forklift traffic and safety hazard markings are a large component of your certification program.  Let Redimere help you continue on your journey to a more efficient, safer manufacturing plant to the benefit of your employees, your clients, and your bottom line.

These types of production flow revamps are expensive undertakings and should not be taken lightly.  Redimere Surface Solutions is the professional company you need to ensure your projects are done correctly the first time – and brought in on time & on budget.  We have the experience to take large, complex projects & make them simple.