Polished Concrete: The Benefits of a Power Trowel Project

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Most people would agree that a polished concrete floor looks great. Where traditional concrete offers a relatively boring, plain look, polished concrete is sure to grab attention and turn heads. Using polished concrete is a great idea because it retains all of the performance advantages of concrete while adding aesthetic appeal. Traditionally, one of the main concerns with including polished concrete in a project would be the cost of the job. Particularly for large slabs — like a warehouse concrete floor — the cost of adding a polished finish would sometimes be prohibitive, even if the idea was appealing. Fortunately, that is now changing thanks to the presence of the power trowel. By using a power trowel to do much of the work, the cost of the job can be reduced, and more projects are able to include polished concrete as a result.

Polished Commercial Concrete Flooring Cost Savings

When talking about the benefits of using a power trowel to create a polished concrete floor, it all starts with cost. These kinds of projects are typically assessed on a per-square-foot basis, and the cost comes down dramatically when a power trowel can be employed. Every project has a budget, and many over the years have discounted the possibility of polished concrete on account of the final price tag. With a power trowel working as an industrial floor polisher, the budget will no longer be such a significant hurdle.

Commercial Floor Finish on Schedule

As the saying goes, “time is money.” That is certainly true here, as using a power trowel makes a project more affordable precisely because it is more efficient. A commercial floor finish job that may have taken several days with other methods could take just a day or two thanks to the use of a power trowel. While that accounts for the cost savings, it also will please many involved with the project. The owner of the project will be happy that things are moving along, and the general contractor will appreciate not having to hold up work for long while polishing is completed.

Polished Concrete Floor Popularity on the Rise

Thanks to the cost and time savings associated with power trowel polishing, this is a method that seems sure to grow rapidly in the years to come. Along with that growth will be advances in the technology, which will only make it more and more effective and affordable. That is important, because project owners will not want to sacrifice on the quality of polished concrete in most cases, even if they are able to save some time and money. In the end, the ability of a power trowel to deliver a great finished product along with the benefits listed in this article is what will make it such an important player in this space. If you have a commercial concrete flooring project on your calendar, please contact Redimere Surface Solutions to learn more about our services. We serve many locations — including Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Chicago, and Danville — and would be proud to work with you. Thanks for visiting!