Power Trowel: Polish Concrete and Reduce Hazardous Dust

Friday, December 20, 2019

Improving concrete flooring for your commercial or industrial facility means removing surface imperfections from your floor and sealing it from moisture damage, stains, debris, and contaminants.

Concrete polishing achieves these results, leaving you with durable, aesthetically appealing flooring that can withstand years of foot traffic, equipment movement, and product manufacturing. 

In order to polish concrete flooring, the surface of the flooring must be ground down to remove imperfections and even out the flooring. Grinding also gives concrete flooring an impressive shine that is far more slip-resistant than wax.

When deciding how to convert your industrial floors to polished concrete, you can opt for a dry- or wet-grinding method. Here’s what our flooring teams have learned after polishing and cleaning commercial flooring throughout Texas and Greater Chicago.

Dry Grinding Means Dust

If you’re considering a dry-grinding option for concrete polishing, you can’t guarantee dust free. Dust will be created if any edges need to be hand ground, meaning whoever is grinding the concrete will need to continually clean throughout the process. And even dry grinding with specialized equipment creates dust that must be sucked up with heavy-duty vacuums attached to the machinery.

The dust created by dry grinding could create hazards for your work site. It could lead to slippage or falls. If could allow cross-contamination. And the dust itself is toxic, which could create a significant health and safety hazard for employees and visitors who inhale dust unknowingly.

Whether hand grinding or equipment grinding is recommended by a flooring company, significant cleanup may need to be factored into the project timeline and budget.

Benefits of Wet Grinding

The water used in wet grinding lubricates the diamond grinding pads on the concrete polishing equipment. This reduces friction which helps maintain the equipment and achieves super-smooth results.

Water also absorbs much of the dust that would otherwise be kicked into the air by dry-grinding methods. That means less risk of lingering dust contaminating products and processes or interfering with equipment functionality. Not to mention, the likelihood of breathing in toxic dust particles is greatly reduced. 

Power Trowel for Dust-Free Polishing

Power trowel concrete polishing is favored by our clients who need polishing done on a large scale, but don’t want to kick up dust by dry-grinding their concrete flooring. 

Redimere can complete big concrete polishing projects in a fraction of the time, and we work with your holiday or shutdown schedule. You never have to compromise productivity to keep your facility safe.

Any concrete polishing project can take lots of time without enough manpower to get the job done. Our teams can polish as much as 10,000 square feet of concrete flooring per shift, meaning your people can get back to work that much faster.

We also specialize in cleaning industrial facilities, including floor scrubbing. So cleanup from any flooring project is well within our capability and expertise. No job we do is a dirty job: we leave your facility clean after every project. When you are ready to schedule more in-depth cleaning services, our teams use cleaning techniques and products that preserve the life of your flooring, walls, ceilings, and equipment. 

Don’t settle for dusty concrete polishing. Call Redimere Surface Solutions for your power trowel estimate and look forward to high-shine, dust-free flooring.