Redimere Provides Ample Training for Their Employees

Friday, November 16, 2018

If you want to have an effective workforce, then investing in the training of your employees has to be at the top of your list.  Redimere Surface Solutions has always taken this proactive approach when hiring new employees or refreshing current employees on new safety or product and process innovations.  Keeping our employees up to date on their training makes them much safer - and their production rates increase which in turn saves our customers money.  Constant & consistent training also keeps your employees engaged leading to higher workforce retention rates.

The number one priority of any company should be keeping their employees safe and getting them home to their families every single day.  The Painters USA family of companies employs a national safety director to provide support, advice, and a set of standardized safety protocols that are followed at all four of its locations.  These protocols are enforced by all field personnel through the use of JSAs (Job Safety Assessments), daily tool box talks, and random jobsite safety audits.  Redimere takes pride in the knowledge that despite the inherent danger in the work we do, our safety record is stellar!  And that is due to the investment in training every single employee before they set foot on a project site.

When the latest innovation in concrete polishing began to take traction in the United States (power trowel concrete polishing) our team immediately jumped in and scheduled training and certifications for our crews to ensure Redimere would be on the leading edge of this game changing process.  And, sure enough, we immediately became successful in securing power trowel concrete polishing projects all over the country.

Redimere Surface Solutions has the blueprint in place to continue our successful training program and will continue to do so in order to keep our employees safe & productive.