Refurbishing a Truck Wash Bay Floor

Monday, August 26, 2019

Some of the projects we are fortunate to work on really make an impression.  The transformation of the truck wash bay is like night and day.

After years of wear and tear caused by detergents, high pressure water sprayers, and heavy semi-truck traffic, this wash bay was in dire need of a little TLC.  So, the crews at Redimere Surface Solutions sprang into action armed with fierce determination & years of experience.  Redimere to the rescue!

We got to work by removing the old, failing coating.  Our next step was to patch and repair the badly pitted & spalled curbs.  Finally, we ground the entire floor area to create the proper substrate to maximize the floor coating’s adhesion.

We recommended (and our customer agreed) using a urethane cement because of its ability to stand up under frequent washdowns and its resistance to thermal shock.  Thermal shock is what happens when a hot temperature meets a cold surface causing the coating and substrate to react at different speeds.  This leads to rapid expansion of one and rapid contraction of the other, resulting in coating failure.

As seen in the pictures, the transformation was drastic and the results are fantastic!  Coating knowledge & selection in this case made all the difference.