Repairing & Sealing Expansion Joints

Monday, August 13, 2018

The purpose of an expansion joint is to allow a concrete slab to expand and contract (get bigger and smaller).  As the temperature and humidity changes, the floor sections can flex rather than crack. Keeping your joints watertight will prevent moisture from seeping under and causing problems ranging from mold & bacteria growth to corrosion & erosion of the concrete slabs. Redimere Surface Solutions, a commercial and industrial flooring contractor, can rebuild and repair problematic expansion joints.
First step: We start by grinding out the joint to remove all faulty concrete and paint, as well as debris. If there is microbial growth, we thoroughly clean that as well.
Second step: Once the grinding and cleaning is done, we then rebuild the concrete control joint with an epoxy mortar and recreate a level, smooth surface with a clean joint.
Third step: Next, we apply the floor epoxy to the entire surface, and cut a clean line in the surface once it is dry.
Fourth step: The cut line is then filled with a pliable two-part polyurea joint filler, which creates a flexible joint in the epoxy surface that will move with the slab beneath. This prevents epoxy coating failure from precipitating joint failure.

If you have any other questions about expansion joint repairs, please contact Redimere Surface Solutions.