Why Commercial Floor Maintenance Needs To Be A Top Priority

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Especially in the northern states, this is the time of year to turn your focus from exterior maintenance to interior. From fresh paint and coatings to industrial degreasing, this season offers a key opportunity for protecting and enhancing your surfaces.

And, as we chat about interior surfaces, let’s focus on one of the hardest-working and most important of all: your floors. 

Does Your Commercial Floor Need Attention?

Identifying these warning signs is so crucial that we’ve dedicated an article to the topic - check it out right here! In short, however, here are the key red flags to watch for:

  • Visual cues, like cracks, bumps, chipping, peeling, sudden staining, and other abnormalities
  • You find yourself treading a little more carefully, avoiding tripping and falling
  • Routine cleaning and maintenance is less effective, or is required more frequently

Why Is The Quality And Condition Of Your Facility’s Flooring So Important?

The fact of the matter is, your commercial flooring can either be a major asset or a major liability, putting your team and investments at risk. 

With over 40 years of industry experience, we’ve seen facilities of every size, shape, and condition imaginable. Here are a few key reasons why we know firsthand that your floors shouldn’t be neglected:

  • Safety! Uneven, slippery, or dirty floors put your employees and visitors at risk (trip and slip hazards are just as avoidable as they are serious).
  • Health – unsealed floors can harbor dangerous bacteria and mold.
  • Protection of your investments! Uneven floors can cause a forklift load of product to shift and fall, damaging expensive commodities and equipment. Having the right type of floor system is crucial, too. ESD flooring, for example, is essential to keeping sensitive equipment and computer servers from building up a potentially dangerous electric charge.

While it may be easy to overlook, the mental wellbeing of your team is crucial too. Maintaining a clean, bright, safe facility has a positive psychological impact, and communicates that you care. Performance may be a top priority in the world of commercial flooring, but aesthetic value is a close second.

Time To Find A Floor Coating And Maintenance Partner

Not all floor systems and solutions are created equal! Our experienced flooring team at Redimere Surface Solutions is here to help, collaborating closely with you to find the exact solution for your facility and industry requirements.

Have a question? Contact us today to get started!