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One of the advantages of being a part of the Painters USA family of companies is that we aren’t solely a concrete pouring or finishing company – we also have the ability to coat floors, walls, ceilings, and machinery using long lasting food safe products.  All of which need to be kept in pristine condition in any aspect of the food industry.  From food storage to food processing to food packaging, Redimere Surface Solutions can use the expertise of our sister companies & be your one stop shop for many of your maintenance projects!

Can your plant afford to fail one of the many audits you endure on a yearly basis?  There are so many audits either from third parties or self-imposed that it’s hard to keep track of them all – some of them include:

  • SQF
  • AIB
  • BRC
  • GFSI
  • GMP

Redimere Surface Solutions and the Painters USA family of companies have decades of experience in helping companies large and small keep their facilities up to the stringent food industry standards and pass those necessary (albeit tedious) inspections.  Our nationwide network of vendors can always be counted on to correctly spec a project depending on environmental conditions, use, and food substances a given surface may come into contact with.  Every surface is properly prepared to ensure the maximum performance & longevity of the coating being applied.  We know your plant depends on passing those audits & inspections – that is why we treat every project with the utmost care.

Some of the most frequent areas that need attention in food plants are the ceilings & floors.  The ceilings can rust in steaming & canning environments and the floors can be a breeding ground for bacteria that makes its way into small crack & crevices.  Redimere is here for you when you notice areas of deterioration in your plant that could prevent you from passing those pesky audits.

Great crew and easy to work with. Will use again for future large jobs!

—Warehouse Manager

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